Lego Mini A-10

Here's a little A-10 Thunderbolt II/Warthog. The design is admittedly mostly someone else's work, but I can't for the life of me find it. So sorry whoever you are. The design shows the A-10's characteristic GAU-8 autocannon sticking out the front. The black hinge pieces under the wings are supposed to represent mounted missiles, gun... Continue Reading →

Red Booster

Here's a distortion/overdrive pedal that I made with the intention of using as a booster that doesn't muddy heavily distorted rhythm tones. I think I succeeded, especially with the lowest Hard/Smooth pot, which controls the pedal's treble content and detail. Hard retains treble frequencies for rhythm and Smooth warms things up for lead. I need... Continue Reading →

Grey Compressor

So I recently got my hands on a super-rare and super-expensive optocoupler from an estate sale. And I promptly broke it. I was pretty excited about having the opportunity to make a compressor or wah pedal, so I got some LEDs and photodiodes to make an equivalent to the optocoupler. I ended up building this... Continue Reading →

Cream Boost

I made a little boost pedal recently. It does much better as a lead boost than as a bass-tightening rhythm boost. It has a "sag" quality about it that just makes heavily distorted rhythm sound kind of flabby. There's a lower mid boost, and the "Chime" switch is named after a descriptive comment a friend... Continue Reading →

Senior Design Project Teaser

I have no idea why I didn't post this sooner, since it's been a few years. This is just a teaser for my senior design project while I search through my notes and hard drives for more pictures and demos. I still have the amp we made, so I'll have to demo that soon. From... Continue Reading →

Lego StuG IV

This is my Lego StuG IV. The German StuG IV evolved from the success of the StuG III, which was technically an assault gun intended to support infantry, but excelled as a tank destroyer. The lack of a turret allowed for thicker effective armor and a lower profile, in exchange for gun mobility. The StuG... Continue Reading →

Lego Panzer IV

This is my Lego version of a German Panzer IV tank from World War II. This particular model is the Ausf. H, which was the main production version. It was the most produced tank of Germany. The weird walls on the tank's sides and turret are called Schurzen skirts, and they helped with protecting the hull.... Continue Reading →

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