Sdkfz. 251 Axle Rework

I didn't really like the look of the front axle of my Sdkfz. 251 Halftrack. I changed out the basic swivel for one that allows the wheels to rotate in parallel, like they would in real life.

Gold Pedal Demo Redo

I didn't like how my gold pedal sounded in my first pedal demo. It doesn't really fit the metal lead that I did, and this demo is bluesier. You can hear me roll down my guitar's volume at around 10 seconds and bring it up again at around 50 seconds. I tried to show off... Continue Reading →

Pedal Demos

Here are a few quick demos of my custom overdrive/distortion pedals for your listening pleasure. Blue pedal   Blue pedal with boost   Blue pedal with boost and EQ   Purple pedal   Purple pedal with EQ   Gold pedal with boost (Unfortunately, there is some hard clipping that sneaked into the track.)   Gold... Continue Reading →

Sdkfz. 251 Halftrack

The famous Sdkfz. 251 was a German halftrack that served in both troop transportation and offensive roles. Panzergrenadier troops had to keep up with their tanks during battle, and the armored 251 fit this role well. The 251 was also used as an anti-infantry and anti-tank platform. The 251/22 was armed with a 20mm cannon... Continue Reading →

Panther Tank

This build is the German Panther tank. It was designed to counter the Soviet T-34, which was giving German Panzer IV's quite a hard time on the Eastern Front. The Panther was speedy, and it's armor and gun were formidable. It's gun was rivaled only by the Allies in the British Sherman Firefly 17-pounder. Unfortunately for the Germans, early... Continue Reading →

My Pedals (Including Customs)

Here is my entire pedal collection. First come the retail pedals, then my customs. Xotic BB Preamp: an excellent little overdrive pedal. It's especially good at tightening up heavily distorted rhythm tones as well as pushing other overdrive pedals into a liquid lead sound. This is probably my favorite pedal that I bought because it... Continue Reading →

Mic Tests

I'm currently running tests on  a bunch of my equipment, including the mic selection and placement tests you see here. I plan on going through amplifiers and cabinets next to do some tone demos in the future. The end goal is to show off some pedals that I designed and built, so I want to... Continue Reading →

Sherman Tank

This is a build of the American Sherman tank. This version is the M4A3E8 "Easy Eight" variant, built with slightly thicker armor, a larger gun, and a better suspension. It was designed in response to heavier German tanks, which proved themselves to be quite the challenge for the standard Sherman 75mm gun to penetrate. The... Continue Reading →

P-51D Mustang

This is my rendition of the famous Mustang fighter used by the Americans in World War II. It was an exceptional long-range escort for bombers, like the B-17 Flying Fortress. My version includes black-and-white "Invasion Stripes", that helped pilots differentiate between enemy and friendly aircraft in low-visibility situations. Probably the most famous of these low-visibility... Continue Reading →

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